Rules of the Road



Maintain a Culture of Teamwork and Collaboration


1.     Teamwork. Trust. Respect


2.     Acknowledge our colleagues’ good work and celebrate our wins!


3.     None of us have cornered the market on knowledge or greatness – there is always room to learn and grow.


4.     Information is not power – it is a currency to be shared (as appropriate).


5.     We’re going to challenge everything we say and do.  Period.


6.     Debate, disagree, challenge – that is the best way to arrive at the best decision.  But we leave as one team, with one voice.


7.     We are not working toward consensus; we are working toward the right decision.  All will have an opportunity to fully and fairly share their views with the group, but we will leave with a decision.


8.     We are equals – organizational structure exists for efficiency and role clarity.


9.     In a crisis, the philosophy above remains, but sometimes the rules will change.


a.    Quick response/action requires a temporary autocracy.

b.    Each of us will be measured by our ability to maintain the culture of the organization when the autocracy is in effect.


Set Exceedingly High Expectations…and Exceed Them


10.  Relentless pursuit of excellence – excellent team, excellent work, excellent results.


11.  Neither the work, nor the environment will be easy, but it will be fun.  (If it isn’t, you may be in the wrong seat on the bus, or on the wrong bus entirely.)


12.  Disciplined people lead to disciplined thought leading to disciplined action.


13.  Always ask yourself two questions: “What are the mission and the message?”  and “Am I being true to them?”


14.  Gather the facts.  Develop a plan.  Execute flawlessly.


15.  Details matter.  Don’t miss them.


16.  Bias for action – You’ll be rewarded for your successes and thanked for your failures


17.  Benchmarking of good ideas to be implemented here is encouraged.


Honor the Office


18.  Be unfailingly polite to everyone with whom you interact.


19.  Respond in a timely and appropriate fashion.


20.  Stay humble.