The power of one more child...

The power of one more child…

If you spend five minutes around Jerry Haag, president of Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, Orphan’s Heart and Porch Light, you’ll hear him say, “one more child.” 

As in…” Will you serve one more child?”

“Will you give to help one more child?”

“Will you go to meet the needs of one more child?”

The power of the phrase is its simplicity; as well as the multiplication effect as each person sees himself or herself making a difference to someone.

Today, I saw the power of one more child.

the power of one more child.jpg

Pictured above, standing in the light blue dress, is Norah. Our team met Norah last year. Looking at this picture, I bet you’d never know when one of our team members, Megan, first saw Norah last year, she was under a tree sick and vomiting. We soon learned Norah had the most progressed stage of malaria and would quickly die without treatment. However, thanks to Orphan’s Heart and Hines Ugandan Ministries, Norah got the immediate medical help she needed. And thanks to Megan, Norah became a sponsored child. Today, she is happy, healthy, eating well and learning many things in her new school. Why? Because Megan knew what it meant to serve one more child.

Not long after I saw Norah today, I asked about Musa and Shamira. They are the two kids our family sponsors. They were absent from today’s Bible program because they were attending their grandmother’s funeral.

While attending the funeral of an elderly loved may seem normal, this news, for me, was full of emotion. You see, a year ago, on my first trip to Uganda, I met their grandmother. When I saw her, she was frail, bone thin and lying motionless on a straw mat. She had not eaten in days and was very close to death. We learned the family had so little food, they were literally starving grandma to death in order to stretch the food they did have a little further. In addition, we learned grandma was HIV-positive and had no medicine. We prayed for grandma and were distraught at her condition. Later, the good folks at Orphan’s Heart suggested we sponsor Musa and Shamira. They said, with sponsorship, the family would receive food regularly, the kids could be enrolled in school (and fed) and that medical attention could be provided for. With that news, the decision to sponsor became easy.

Since that sponsorship decision last December, grandma lived one more year. The family has access to food and medicine. And the kids are beginning to thrive.

In this case, the power of one more child met the needs of not just Musa and Shamira, but an entire family. And gave their grandmother a better quality of life and greater dignity in her final months.

So, if you ever wonder if one person really can make a difference, just asked Norah or Musa or Shamira. The just might have a story to share.

If you’d like to make a difference for one more child, check out the Orphan’s Heart sponsorship program here

Or, for more general support for kids here in Uganda, please prayerfully consider making a gift to Orphan’s Heart to as they partner with Hines Ugandan MinistriesIf you make such a gift, please put “HUM Christmas” in the GIFT NOTES box. 

Swimming in His grace,